Zukos Items

So I went the the PHP and Adventures vault 1 and just looked for items that caught my interest.

I’d like a magic handaxe so it would return to me automatically after throwning (prehaps a distance hand axe)

But just items that looking cool and might be useful:

Bloodsoaked Bracers 10, Bloodthirst Bracers 4, Assult Boots 12, Boots of Free Movement 6, Dragonborn Graves 12, Dwarven Throwers 10, storm gauntlets 10, Circlet of Second Chances 3, Clasp of Noble Sacrifice 12, Medallion of Death Deffered 9, Resiliance Amulet 8, Bone Ring Of Preservation 19, Premonition Ring 15, Ring of Shadow Guard 18, Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor 15, Ring of Vigilant Defense 17, War Ring 16, Girdle of the Dragon 16, Healers Sash 11, Vengence Sash 23, Foe Stone 12, battle standard of healing 3, Ring of Regeneration 24,

If thats too broad I can narrow it down, just thought I’d give some thoughts on what looked cool.


That’s good. Bigger the list the better. That gives me room to work.

Zukos Items

Cool, if I ever get a chance to go through Adventures vault 2 I’ll add some.

Weapons and Armor were purposely left off as I’d like to be more specific with those.

Zukos Items

Totally understandable. Weapons and armor are big deals. Anything past that usually gives some leeway.

Zukos Items

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