(Side note. The name of the world itself is Kaelum. The country is Torva. The other continent across the way is called Levithios.)

Telvasin- The Capital City. Telvasin is a large and impressive city that houses a multitude of shops, inns, temples and anything else that you could wish to find. It’s built with fortress walls surrounding the perimeter and would easily be defended against any attacks, not that any such wars have occurred for some time.

Lelwir- a smaller town to the north of Telvasin

Havashire- a port city east of Telvasin

Falshen- a small town south of Telvasin

Olvhir- a town that floats upon the Zephyr Mountains far to the south west of Telvasin. This is the home of the dwarves. Networks of interlinked caves form a city that rivals the size of Telvasin. Trade with the dwarves is difficult, but occasionally airships of amazing dwarven craftsmanship will land at Telvasin to do mass amounts of trading. Times like these are cause for celebration in Telvasin, as the dwarven goods are of amazing quality. It’s strange to see dwarves outside of Olvhir, as they are typically more comfortable within the confined spaces of their mountain dwellings as opposed to the mass of forest found below. Olvhir has an amazing natural defense in that it sits on the Zephyr Mountains and short of portals in Telvasin, or flying yourself, there are few ways to reach the dwarven city.

Arknith- a small town far to the south west of Telvasin, and to the north of Olvhir’s usual position. This small town only has a population of 540, but like all towns in this area is self sufficient from Telvasin. The distance between the towns requires it. Though it has no particular defenses, it does house a local militia. The main draw to the eye in this town is the large manor house that sits dead center of the city on a steep hill.

Ravari- a small town north west of Arknith

Parasade- a larger town north east of Ravari


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