Dragonborn Warlord


Resourceful Warlord 24 hp

17 str, 12 con, 10 dex, 15 Int, 11 wis, 15 cha

16 AC, 14 Fort, 12 Ref, 13 will

Class Features: Inspiring Word & Resourceful Presence

Feats: Improved Resources

Weapons: Falchion & Handaxe

Armor: Chainmail

Powers: At will: Direct The Strike & Intuitive Strike, Encounter: Cold Breath & Vengence is Mine, Daily: Relentles Wounding

Languages: Common & Draconic

Trained in: Athletics, Diplomacy, Endurance & Heal

Speed: 5 Int: +2

Magic Item: Azula’s Doll (don’t remember its ability)


Zuko is about 6’ 9” he’s the leader of the Militia in Arknith. He doesn’t get along very well with Magistrate Leonne, but he lets the Magistrate run the city; Zuko focuses on protecting the people. Everyone in town knows him but they’d describe him as quite. He seems to be a loner and doesn’t talk much about himself. He’s had dealings with Falrid Glanbek & Jet, and is quite welcoming to the two visitors. His scales are a turquoise color with piercing gold eyes, one very noticeable mark on the left side of his face. He doesn’t like to talk about the marking, if pressed about it he mutters something about a tattoo and walks off claiming he need to do something…though the mark looks more seared into his flesh then a normal inked tattoo.


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