• Azula


    Zuko's younger sister. Her current whereabouts are unknown.
  • Breaks the Sky

    Breaks the Sky

    Breaks the Sky is the leader of the Primal Conclave the Order of the Renewed Wilds, and is known to be a particularly powerful druid.
  • Galiel


    Galiel is a warlock that was a slave of the efreet general Mustab in the City of Brass. She assisted Jet in stealing Mustab's tomes on Sword Mage techniques, and also helped him escape the Elemental Plane of Chaos.
  • Guards the Past(Etin Waylander)

    Guards the Past(Etin Waylander)

    Guards the past is a stoic human usually seen dressed in armor that looks almost like shards of rocks. He is typically accompanied by his spirit companion, Bulwark. His territory is around Falshen.
  • Gurg


    Gurg is a half orc barbarian who lives in the Temple of Kord in Telvasin.
  • Lady Parasade

    Lady Parasade

    The beautiful wife of the Lord of the city of Parasade.
  • Lord Felnir

    Lord Felnir

    A member of the Noble Council of Telvasin. Ruling Noble of Arknith.
  • Lord Mayor Belthanic Madrim

    Lord Mayor Belthanic Madrim

    The figure head that speaks for the Noble Council in Telvasin. Though Tel'a'zathmir is "king", the Noble Council votes on new laws for the city and Belthanic announces the results.
  • Magistrate Leonne

    Magistrate Leonne

    Magistrate Leonne is the ruling figure in the small town of Arknith. Though Lord Felnir actually controls Arknith, he is busy with his seat on the Noble Council in Telvasin.
  • Memoni


    Memoni is a quiet, contemplative soul. She has the least contact with the surrounding towns next to her companion Ohrdin. Is in charge of the area around Lelwir. Eladrin, Warden.
  • Mustab


    Slave general of the City of Brass.
  • Ohrdin


    Memoni’s companion. Is also very introspective. Deals with the villagers only when with Memoni or when ordered by Breaks the Sky. Goliath, Barbarian
  • Shadis


    Tel'a'zathmir's loyal servant.
  • Tel'a'zathmir


    The untitled king of the capital city Telvasin. He was elected to act as the city's king, though he doesn't actually acknowledge the title of king. Was a former adventurer. Has a servant named Shadis that has followed him for some time.