The Oncoming Storm

The party started the campaign in two groups. The first group consisted of Barkur and Garreth making their way to the small village of Arknith. They were ordered by Tel’a’zathmir to travel there with a small group of guards gathered from the ranks of Kord’s Temple and collect the individuals that were listed on a vellum sheet he entrusted to the Bakur. It was a 3 week ride from Telvasin to Arknith that was a bonding experience for the small group, despite attacks from tiny shadow like creatures every other night. During the travel, Gurg, a half orc barbarian of Kord grew more isolated from the group, becoming more and more solitary with each passing day.

The second group consisted of Zuko, Jett and Falrid who were located in the town of Arknith. The storms that have been occurring of late had caused significant damage to the small village and all the help that could be mustered was needed for repairs. Zuko was given leave by Magistrate Leonne to hire Jett to help with such matters, and Jett was happy to have the money. Hunting and fishing were impossible lately due to the total disappearance of all creatures and animals in the forest since the storm. Falrid was happy to be of help healing those injured in the storms.

As night began to fall and the storm’s intensity began to rise, the group from Telvasin entered Arknith. As they did so, they noticed Jett and Zuko enjoying a sparring session in the rain with Falrid looking on. Seeing the strange group approaching, Zuko broke off to approach the travelers.

After trading pleasantries and getting the Kord Guards situated the group proceeded toward the house of the Magistrate, who was not very pleased with being bothered at this time of night, until Tel’a’zathmir’s name was dropped, causing the Magistrate to take time to prepare himself to welcome visitors that were there in the name of the king.

As they waited(and ate from the table that had been set for the Magistrate’s dinner, which he was unaware of)Gurg, tears beginning to well in his eyes, exclaimed that he had to leave and made his way toward the door. Garreth followed to speak with Gurg as he headed east, but the large half orc exclaimed to him that he could not follow where he would travel. Death was waiting for him should he choose to, and Gurg would kill him now to save him from that fate if he continued. Seeing the barbarian reaching for his axe, Garreth reluctantly let him leave.

After Magistrate Leonne finally made his way downstairs Barkur discussed the details of why he had come to town with him. The Magistrate, though difficult, seemed to be swayed by it being the order of the king.

Later in the evening, the town set upon on all sides by Fadelings. Defense was set up by Zuko and the others, but the Fadelings never actually attacked the village. Instead, they stayed on the outskirts of the town, causing a few casualties here and there on different sides of Arknith. Amidst which Jett got into an insult match with a Fadeling, who strangely(and with the help of a critical success)seemed to understand the Primordial language in which Jett spoke. It didn’t speak back, but instead only hopped around and made noises in his direction. Jett tried to lure him forward, but the shadow creature seemed to catch on to his intentions. Alarms sprung up from where Fadelings approached the town, but the party was never able to catch one within range of their readied weapons. It seemed that the small creatures were attempting to harry them and make them tired for when they traveled. But always, the road to the east laid open. Finally, the Fadelings vanished into the forest as the morning sun came over the horizon. The party members managed to stay awake through the night and made their way to get some much needed rest.

Skill Challenge-Passed

The next day, the Magistrate was made aware of the situation and despite his distaste for the man, the Invoker was able to stay pleasant while making a note mentally to find a replacement for the pompous man when he returned to Telvasin. Barkur, calling upon Kord for guidance, had a vision that prompted him to leave the rest of his men in Arknith to help guard the town against any further attacks, and to train men to replace the ones lost the night before. With that, the group made their final preparations and began their ride back towards Telvasin. As they rode, they began to get to know each other until they encountered a single Fadeling on the path through the forest. Apparently, they couldn’t only come out at night….



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