Test Delve(Level 5)Past Memories

7/2/2010 Our test delve for Echowind is coming up on Saturday and I’m very excited. Been awhile since I ran a game and I pumped for it. A couple of the PCs wanted to test their builds and a few people haven’t played much, so we are doing a test delve to let everyone play around a bit. Also, I have to make sure I’m still a capable game master since it’s been so freaking long. I’m going ahead and tossing some story into it just to connect it to the campaign, so we’ll see how this goes. Looking forward to it and I hope my players are too. I am anxious to tell the story of Echowind!


Excellent start to the campaign. They tore up the delve and so we actually started in on the game proper. Couple of changes needed made. Some ideas were tossed about, but in the end I think this should be a blast for everyone.

Test Delve(Level 5)Past Memories

It was a good time can wait to see how it really goes.

Test Delve(Level 5)Past Memories

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